Don't Build Your Own HRIS

and 5 reasons why

Has someone in your organization suggested that it might save the company money by building an HRIS in-house? It might be tempting to do so, what with the slow economy and tight budgets. But such actions can often times cost you more in the long run...

Below are some thoughts to consider when making the decision to either use an industry standard HRIS (like HRSource) or build your own system:

Will the in-house built system have Leading-edge HR functionality and Features?

When you use HRSource, you are not just tracking and pulling data from a database; you are also streamlining HR processes. Think about how much time you will spend formatting reports to respond to data analysis needs by management. And what about government-required reports? With HRSource, you can use:

a. Ready-to-use reports and templates (e.g. EEO, Affirmative Action Plan, OSHA, FMLA, etc)
b. The auto alert system to remind you of key events/dates (training renewals, eligibility, etc.)
c. Document management (keep electronic copies of resumes, I-9, visas, awards, reviews, etc)
d. Position Control, Succession Planning, Checklists (for new hires, terminations)

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Will the in-house built system factor Industry Standard Practices and Legal Compliance?

HRSource helps you implement industry standard HR recordkeeping practices. It also helps you efficiently fulfill your legal reporting requirements. Looking towards the future, you want to be prepared in at least two more areas: preventing potential lawsuits, and responding to threats of a lawsuit. With accurate and detailed records, your company can be safe and secure, knowing that you're doing all the right things with regards to employee data.

Plus regulations change continuously, which affects record-keeping and reporting. Who will track regulatory changes and keep the in-house system up-to-date? On the other hand, HRSource is updated annually, or more often if needed to comply with regulatory changes

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Will the in-house built system be Fully-Tested and Ready to Use when you need it?

You can start using HRSource the same day you set-up the system. The free support during the first 30 days allows you to configure the system to best fit your needs, and put the system to maximum use. Don't waste time testing and debugging software. Spend your time wisely by providing information to help management make important, strategic HR decisions. HR professionals have used HRSource for over 13 years now and know that they have a system that truly meets their needs.

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Will Training And Support be Available as Needed?

Turnover of personnel and contractors is inevitable in any business. But if the HR systems and tools you have are industry standard and set for long term use, then new personnel can easily be trained and supported. The result: minimum disruption to your operations. A database that is built in-house will be useful only as long as the developer is there to answer questions, support it, and improve on it. Otherwise, you're stuck with a system no one understands fully.

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What about future enhancements such as Employee Self-Service and Online Applications?

Some HRSource users have had their system for over 13 years now. The product is continually updated with improvements based on users' feedback, as well as with new government requirements. As your organization grows and changes, the Expansion Modules allow your system to grow with you. Currently the most popular expansion modules are SelfSource (for employee/manager self-service) and the Online Employment Application Module.

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