How HRSource Saves Time and Money

Regulatory Compliance

HRSource can help with government compliance, by enabling users to quickly complete and submit necessary government forms and avoid costly penalties. See "HRSource Regulatory Compliance" document that lists some of these government requirements.

Many organizations have training, licensing, and certification requirements. Not only does HRSource help track the requirements in this area, but it can also automatically alert the user of when employees are due to be retrained, or have their license or certification renewed, which can also help prevent penalties.

Salary and Performance Review Planning and Administration

HRSource includes a powerful salary review system. Salary review information is exported into an Excel spreadsheet, which managers can use to analyze pay equity, conduct real-time "what-if" evaluations and ensure that they are spending within budget. Once the salary increases are reviewed and approved, the new salaries are automatically imported into HRSource.

HRSource monitors and reports employees' performance review due dates. This helps ensure that the best performers are being recognized and rewarded, which fosters loyalty in the organization.

Benefits Administration

HRSource allows users to track and report benefits enrollment information. The Benefit Billing report allows the user to reconcile the monthly benefits bills that are received from insurance providers. This helps ensure that the organization is not overpaying for benefits and that the employees are all enrolled in the plans that they selected. The Benefit Statement report displays all employee benefits including the cost of the benefits. This helps employees realize the full value of the benefits that they are receiving.

Applicant Tracking

Recruiting is one of the more expensive Human Resources functions. HRSource provides cost per hire data allowing users to better manage the costs. HRSource can also enhance efficiency by automatically generating applicant response letters and offer letters, tracking how long requisitions have been open, and providing the status of applicants, which helps ensure that applicants don't accidentally fall out of the recruiting/hiring process.

Employee Management and Communication

HRSource includes many standard reports for generating valuable management information such as turnover and headcount by department, hiring and termination numbers and trends. With the proper data, management can intervene with the appropriate program (such as specific training) to help reduce turnover.

HRSource can also help quickly answer employee questions such as, "in which benefit plan(s) is the employee enrolled" and "how much vacation or sick time do they have". HRSource allows the user to quickly complete employment verification letters.

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