Comparison between HRSource and SaaS

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1. HR Functionality – Does the system meet all your HR needs? A comprehensive HR database is used by the HR staff to: – Record applicant and employee data – Analyze the data to help management make strategic and tactical decisions – Generate reports needed by management and/or required by the government HRSource HRIS tracks […]

5 Advantages To Linking You Payroll To HRIS

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When looking for an HR system, some organizations consider the HR module offered by their payroll service provider. This may be a convenient option, but there is another option, one that specifically addresses HR’s needs: a fully-functional HRIS, a true HRIS that can talk to your payroll system. Via a payroll link, data transfers electronically […]

Hey HR, Is It Time For You To Let Go?

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I talk to HR people all the time as part of my job.   I have a lot of respect for HR folks.  They are quite busy taking care of important stuff for the company.  A few that immediately come to mind include….. Finding much needed talent.  (When asked what the biggest HR challenge was, a […]

The Value of HRIS

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What Value Does an HRIS Bring to a Business Enterprise? Labor cost is one of the highest expense items in a business operation. It is incumbent upon professional management to automate where possible, and to use an HRIS. Why? Data for senior management for better decision-making regarding employees, workforce, costs Perform “What If” modeling- forecasting […]

Justification for an HRIS

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To management, an purchasing an HRIS may seem like a costly investment. Here are possible ways you can show management why it’s worth every penny: Cost Avoidance eliminate future spending Avoid or minimize costs associated with recruiting-succession planning/applicant tracking Legislative compliance- failure to comply (fines, contract losses) Reduction of benefit administration fees Avoid/postpone staff increases, […]

4 Steps to a Pain-Free HR Software Selection

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It was not surprising to me that nearly half (48 percent) of buyers that Software Advice covered in its HR Software BuyerView 2015 currently still use manual methods, such as pen and paper or spreadsheets, to handle their HR employee data tracking. Prospective Buyers’ Current Methods Source: Software Advice, June 2015 Why do more than […]

A World Class Operation (For Less)

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Earlier this week, HR Executive Online featured an article entitled “Going World-Class (for Less)”. The article by Jill Cueni-Cohen directly relates to large, global organizations, but I must say that in my experience working with small and mid-size organizations for over 10 years, we see the same characteristics among “world-class” small and mid-size companies.   What […]

How to Save Money on Workers Compensation, part 1

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I recently attended a presentation entitled “Understanding and Controlling your Ex Mod”.  (No, it wasn’t a self-help session on handling your “ex” 😉    The talk was actually a rather technical presentation on Workers Compensation, Experience Rating Plans and Strategies to Impact your X-Mod. Liza Moran VP of Pinnacle Brokers Insurance Solutions was the speaker and […]