Enhanced Performance Management

The Enhanced Performance Management Module (EPM) is an optional add-on to HRnetSource that support an advanced employee assessment process. It is for organizations looking to establish a new performance review process (or automate the existing process) that supports continuous improvement of individual and organizational performance and output.

Organizational performance and productivity improves when employee goals are aligned with the organizational goals, when employee achievements are recognized by their management, and when managers identify areas for employee growth.

EPM enables an organization to have:

  • Multiple review templates for various job groups
  • Unlimited performance categories for each template
  • Employee self-appraisals and initial goal-setting
  • Automatically generated review templates simplify the process for managers

  • Example:

    Job Group 1

     Template A Performance Categories: 

     a.    Planning
     b.    Decision Making/Judgment
     c.    Coaching and Delegating
    Job Group 2
     Professional Staff

     Template B Performance Categories: 

     a.    Team Relationships
     b.    Analytical Skills
     c.    Innovation And Creativity

  • Managers review, rate, and comment on the employee’s self-appraisal
  • Managerial access to historical performance evaluations and notes


  • Can create multiple performance review templates for various job groups
  • Can assign unlimited performance categories to each performance review template.
  • Each performance category can contain multiple performance statements that describe different aspects of the performance categories
  • Employees complete a self-evaluation to begin the new cycle. When completing the self-evaluation, the employee can refer to previously established goals
  • The performance review template is automatically generated based on the job group to which the employee currently belongs
  • Managers can rate and comment (optional) on each performance statement.
  • Managers can review historical performance evaluations.
  • Human Resources can review completed performance reviews before submission to the employee (optional)


  • Easy to set up
  • Intuitive for employees and managers to use
  • Flexible; performance categories can be easily changed and new performance review templates can be created
  • The salary review cycle can run in parallel with the Performance Management cycle.

EPM is a flexible system, so as organizations change and grow, performance categories can easily be added or changed.
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