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                                                  HRIS for Small to Mid-size Companies

Streamline your Timesheet Tracking process with the Online Project / Time Tracking Module. This module is web-based and saves time for your employees, managers and the HR staff. It is an add-on module to the HRSource™-SelfSource™ HRIS solution. Here’s how it works:

Employees log on and enter time worked per day and per project.

  • Employees can enter and edit their time sheets each day or at the end of the week.
  • At the beginning of each week employees begin a new timesheet.
  • The Total column and Total row are calculated by the system.
  • The system can track an unlimited number of time codes per week per employee.
  • Employee data (name, department, manager, etc.) come from HRSource™.
  • Once the employee approves their timesheet, they cannot edit it.

Managers approve timesheets online.

  • Managers can view their employees’ current and past timesheets.
  • Managers approve their employees’ weekly timesheets. Once approved, the manager cannot edit it.
  • Managers can view standard reports, including totals hours worked by time code or by employee for the specified workweeks.

Additional features:

  • Unlimited time codes can be set up.
  • Data can be exported to external systems such as payroll.
  • Web-based reports for Managers include:
    1. Past timesheets of employees
    2. Current employees’ timesheets for approval
    3. Total hours worked by time code or by employee for a specified range of workweeks
    4. Incomplete time sheets

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