Case Studies

University Research Facility Uses HRSource HRIS to budget and allocate Grant Money

The problem:
A major US university that receives numerous research grants needed a tool to budget and allocate salaries from various grants. To further complicate the matter, a research scientist may split his or her time among multiple grants; and, furthermore, some scientists only worked part-time.

The solution:
Utilizing the flexibility of Auxillium West's HRSource HRIS, a grant table was added to track each grant, the project start date, end date, review date, budget, and other fields. The review date provided a tickler for mid-project review of the budget burn rate. It also tracked multiple projects per employee and the percent of time worked on each project. HRSource HRIS compared the percent of time on each project with the total time worked to help check the integrity of the data.With the help of HRSource HRIS, the user can now track which individuals are assigned to which grant, how much has been spent, how much remains, and what the burn rate is. Additionally, the client can determine when employees will complete a project and be available for the next project.

Retail Chain Uses HRSource HRIS to manage HR data in a multi-location environment

The problem:
A large retail chain needed to disseminate HR information to different groups within the company. The information ranged from company-wide data to group-specific data. The data needed to be current and available continuously to designated managers both in the corporate office and at remote sites.

The solution:
HRSource was set up in a centrally located server where the HRSource administrator maintains the company-wide data. Security was set such that only the designated recipient of the information and the HRSource administrator had permission to access specific groups of data. Utilizing the HRSource Auto Alert function, the information is refreshed automatically, thereby simplifying HR's administrative task.

HRnetSource HRIS uses the best of both worlds: web-based ESS/MSS and corporate data housed internally for maximum security and control

The problem:
A new Internet software company wanted HR data (such as the Employee Handbook, benefits descriptions, and the office directory) to be available online, 24/7 for all its employees who were located in different states. The company also wanted employees and managers to take responsibility for updating their own personal data. The solution needed to be clean and simple, easy to implement, and, for a small company with a limited budget, it needed to be affordable.

The solution:
Auxillium West's HRnetSource uses a powerful web tool to enable employee and manager self-service. With the click of a button, the company's HR department synchronizes the web data with HRSource (the database component of HRnetSource). Because HRSource is built on Microsoft Access, it is cost-effective, easy to use, powerful, and requires little training. The client feels more secure with its HR data stored locally, and exercises full control over its HRIS.

HRnetSource supports divisions having unique HR policies and benefits

The problem:
A manufacturing company needed to transform its many years old HR information system to a distributed self-service system. The challenge? Each location had a different set of policies and benefits.

The solution:
With HRnetSource, the system recognizes an employee's location upon login and only provides access to the appropriate employee handbook, policies, forms, etc. Employees in each location are able to securely and efficiently update their own personal data. The HRSource database/HRIS administrator receives and maintains this data at the corporate site.

Consulting Company Expands its HRIS functionality by adding self-service Training Administration

The problem:
A consulting company offered an extensive training program for its employees. It needed a system to effectively communicate course offerings and to simplify the enrollment process and administration of the training program. The company wanted employees to have access to training information such as, which training courses were available at different locations, and when they were being offered. It also wanted employees to be able to enroll online.

The solution:
Auxillium West created a customized web-based training module that streamlined the client's entire Training Administration process from the announcement of courses, to online enrollment, to tracking completed courses. This module was added to the core HRIS, which had been widely used by the HR staff and the employees.

Industry Solutions:

Companies and organizations in the following industries use HRSource:

  • Banking/Financial
  • Business Services
  • Distributor Channel
  • Engineering/Technical Services
  • Government
  • High Tech
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Social Services
  • Utilities
  • Biotechnology
  • Construction, Building
  • Education
  • Entertainment, Hospitality
  • Healthcare/Hospital
  • HR Services
  • Labor Unions
  • Media, Broadcasting
  • Non-Profit & Charitable
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Wholesale