HRSicon Online Employment Applications

Applicant Self-Service

  • Job applicants do their own data entry; saves HR time and effort
  • Works in conjunction with HRSource applicant tracking, or as a stand-alone app
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Prospective employees go to your company's website to fill out an application form online.
  • The data loads into the HRSource's applicant tracking system, eliminating the need for HR staff to manually enter applicant data.
  • The HRSource administrator forwards the information to hiring managers and others in the organization, as appropriate. Status is tracked in HRSource.
  • The HRSource administrator can generate and send response letters, offer letters and ultimately hire the applicant.


  • The layout is based on your existing application form.
  • You can specify what information on the form is required.
  • When an application is submitted, a statement appears (customized for your organization) which can include a summary of your hiring policy, a disclaimer, and a confirmation statement that the applicant has completed the form accurately.
  • The Position Maintenance page allows the recruiter to easily open new positions and close or delete them when they are filled or cancelled.
  • The job application form can be printed from HRSource, allowing the applicant to review and sign.
  • A separate tab is available containing an invitation to disclose the applicant’s race and gender, for employers who are required to collect that information (e.g. federal government contractors or subcontractors).

Open positions are tracked in HRSource. The standard Open Position report can be printed for posting on internal bulletin boards or saved as a web page for posting on your Intranet/Internet. Like all reports in HRSource, the Open Position report may be modified to match your organization’s style and format.

System Requirements:
The Online Employment Application form is a Microsoft® ASP.NET web application that requires a web server running IIS 5.0 or higher with ASP.NET 2.0 enabled. The web server must reside on the same local network as HRSource HRIS.