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                                                  HRIS for Small to Mid-size Companies

For password-protected access by individual employees (i.e. for employee and
manager self-service) go to the
SelfSource page.

An HR Portal is an internal HR homepage where employees can access HR-related information such as employee handbook, safety manual, policies, forms, and benefit summaries. This central source offers an efficient and cost-effective way for HR departments to disseminate information whether it’s company policies, training topics, employee assistance programs, or activities and events.

How will your company and HR department benefit from having an HR Portal?



Allows for interactive exchange of information 24 hours a day, with minimal effort by the HR staff Improves efficiency and productivity in the organization
Designed, and implemented by HR practitioners Practical, ready-to-use by your HR department
Information is on-line, managed by HR in one place Reduces paperwork and enhances organizational efficiency of HR
Modular and flexible You can make adjustments anytime to accommodate growth and organizational changes
Content is generated from just one source: your HR department

Allows your HR department to control the accuracy and timeliness of information being communicated to employees.

HR Portal includes up to 10 hours of customization.  The visual elements of the site can be modeled after your company’s web site or customized in another way as desired.  The following are included:

    • Customize the HR Intranet Home Page
    • Create or modify up to 10 web pages
    • Insert links to up to 20 Word, Excel, PDF, and/or HTML files 
    • Insert relevant links to the Internet (e.g. benefits providers, 401(k) plan administrator, government forms site, other sites of interest)
    • After completing the requested customizations, provide one hour for final adjustments
    • Provide a one-hour HR training session on how to maintain the HR Portal, and promote its use among employees and managers.


    Let us help you get your HR Portal up and running in no time at all.  No expensive hardware is needed and your company’s precious I.T. resources are utilized minimally.   Check-out additional resources:  Sample HR Homepage, Sample HR Intranet Content List.

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