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                                                  HRIS for Small to Mid-size Companies


• A web-based add-on module to HRSource™
• Enables manager self-service and employee self-servicearticle_ss
• Includes online leave request and approval process
• Individual password protection

SelfSource HR Portal is a server-based tool that works with any popular internet browser, such as: Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. SelfSource HR Portal streamlines many time and paper consuming HR tasks, saving the time of managers, employees and the HR department.   

Why use SelfSource HR Portal?  Efficiency, Convenience, Data Accuracy, Productivity

  • Reduces HR data entry (new hire info, personnel data changes)
  • Reduces phone calls and paperwork
  • Automates the benefits enrollment process
  • Eliminates the challenge of reading difficult-to-read handwriting
  • Shifts the responsibility for the accuracy of personal information back to the employee

Managers can:

  • View their employee's leave activity and balance
  • Process employees' leave requests
  • Write employee appraisals, performance reviews online (see the Enhanced Performance Management module)
  • Be reminded when performance reviews are coming due 
  • View prior performance reviews and compensation data
  • Conveniently access current performance management forms
  • Ensure the accuracy of data

What else is included in SelfSource HR Portal?

In addition to HR data and workflow functions that relate directly to the employee, SelfSource HR Portal may also be used for disseminating general information* for employees and managers such as:

  • Employee handbook
  • Safety manual
  • Performance Evaluation forms
  • Benefits summary

Note: Up to ten additional links can be added inside SelfSource HR Portal, such as links to benefit providers on the SelfSource HR Portal Benefits Enrollment page.

For organizations that already have an HR Intranet, Auxillium West will provide guidance on linking your HR Intranet to SelfSource HR Portal.

What About Security?

Web server software ensures that employees view only their own personal information, and that managers access data only on their employees. Employees and managers view data in a web-based environment linked to HRSource™. This means that employees don't directly enter the HRSource™ database, thereby keeping HRSource™ secure.


“Our system includes a full database that is payroll-interactive. With SelfSource HR Portal, employees can access and change personal info.  We also have a Manager Tool Kit, which, among other things, allows managers to access data for their direct reports.  On our HR Intranet, we have company history, organization charts, an employee directory, and more.  There are also bulletin boards for employees to post “great services in the area” or “for sale” items.  This product is Microsoft Access-based and was less than $7K!  HRnetSource™ surpassed other similar systems in practical functionality and overall value. Jeff Moe, the founder, is a delight to work with and is very creative, responsive and capable.”




System Requirements:

SelfSource HR Portal requires a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (Express version of SQL Server 2005 is sufficient) and a web server running IIS 5.0 or higher with ASP.NET 2.0 enabled. The web server must reside on the same local network as HRSource™.



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