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                                                  HRIS for Small to Mid-size Companies


• Manage all your employee data from hiring to end-of-employment
• Store all your HR data into an integrated easy to use system
• Track unlimited history, analyze data and generate reports and letters

Built on Microsoft ACCESS, HRSource™ is an open and flexible solution that can be customized and linked to 3rd party software. HRSource™ will increase your HR effectiveness and save you time and money.

HRSource Summary Chart

Save time with HRSource™ tools and workflow

  • Quickly search, sort, and retrieve employee data
  • Get organized using the Checklist feature
  • Have multiple users access the system at the same time
  • Ready-to-use standard letters and reports required by the government
  • Get reminders for upcoming events (e.g. performance review, license renewal)
  • Link documents to an employee's record – resume, performance review
  • Analyze data with a high performance and easy-to-use Query Wizard
  • Generate custom reports using Access Report Writer
  • Conveniently load your data using an Excel import template

Let the system work for you, let it support your needs

  • Link to your payroll, timekeeping and other 3rd party systems
  • Customize by adding new fields, changing data screens, and creating new tables
  • Use self-service enhancement modules for a more efficient workflow
  • Create custom reports and letters using Access Report Writer
  • Insert links to other MS Office applications, the Intranet, and the Web
  • Use the foreign currency converter to manage international records
  • Expedite data entry and ensure data integrity by using the validation tables

Wide breadth of capability at an affordable price
Read HR Magazine's independent software review: "HRIS With A Small Price"

What about security?

You and your employees can rest easy that your data is stored safely at your site: always available to you and secure as your other financial data. Read a short article on “Why SaaS May Not be a Good Fit for HR”

“There are several key factors in my recommending Auxillium West HR software to others. The cost is low, and the system has all the basic features plus expanded ones (e.g. Employee Self Service/Manager Self Service). Whereas other systems we viewed were prohibitive to modify or customize, Auxillium West has been able to build programs and interfaces for all our needs.”


System Requirements*:
128MB RAM, Microsoft® Windows® 95® or higher, Pentium 233 MHz or higher processor, Super VGA or higher resolution monitor, Microsoft® Access® 2000 or higher. *varies based on Access version


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