Examples of HRSource Customizations

Wide range of customizations to make HRSource yours


Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation form of this client in the retail industry was integrated into both HRSource and the employee self-service web-based add-on, SelfSource. This client provided employees with both a mid-year review and a year-end review, which were automatically tallied and averaged.

This client in the financial services industry provides different performance review forms for managers and non-managers. HRSource (and SelfSource) display the appropriate performance review form based on the employees' category (type).

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Time and Attendance

For this manufacturing client HRSource tracks the number of late arrivals and unplanned absences for the purpose of calculating attendance points. If an employee reaches a particular point level, HRSource will alert the HRSource user to generate the appropriate corrective action letter. A summary report is displayed below the screen image.

Here is the report that displays employees who have exceeded the threshold level of late arrivals and unplanned absences.

This client in the professional services industry not only calculates the current vacation balance, but also what the balance will be at the end of the year based on the employee's current balance, their current vacation accrual rate, and scheduled changes in the accrual rate between now and year end, and their vacation schedule.

This client, also in the professional services field, has a complex leave tracking system. The variables include:

  • Four leave accounts, two of which accrue and two that allocate lump sum amounts.
  • Accrual is based on years of service. Unused leave carries-over into the next year up to a limit.
  • Accrued vacation and sick accrual vest over time and is not immediately available for the employee to use. Therefore accrued amount and vested accrued amount (credited) must be tracked separately.

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This client in the construction industry requires a separate pay screen for supervisors, so that supervisors could not view each others pay. Union affiliation is also tracked. The Job module has be combined with the Pay module based on the client's request.

A financial services client has employees in mulitple countries, so they utilize the standard currency tracking option. Also separate overtime rates are tracked.

Employees of a local government can be assigned to multiple positions that pay different salary rates. Employees can also receive other pay types. Grade and step are also tracked.

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An international financial services client tracks target bonus and actual payout in multiple currencies.

A consulting firm tracks bonuses as a percent of pay and as the equivalent amount.

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A manufacturing company added several fields to the training screen, including recertification date, which is automatically calculated based on data for certification courses on the certification validation form. Creation date is automatically populated with the date that the record was created.

The employees in the training department of a company in the construction industry were only allowed to access the Training/Certification module. Not only were some custom fields added, but common training reports could be opened directly from the form.

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Based on the request of a client in the biotech industry, fields were added to track detailed recruiting cost data.

For a client in manufacturing, fields were added to the Application screen that match their online employment application form. Data from the online employment application form flow into HRSource automatically. Fields for multiple interviews were added as well. By clicking the "Print Application" button the application form can be printed or emailed to a manager.

The same manufacturing client wanted the ability to add notes and links to documents for the applicant.

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Multiple fields were added to the Benefits screen for a manufacturing client and multiple beneficiaries were added for the 401K plan.

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An interface was created for a manufacturing client that exports specified training data for a specified group of employees into an Excel spreadsheet.

A unionized manufacturing client request entirely new forms to track union membership, grievances, disciplines and job bids.

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