Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between HRnetSource and HRSource?

HRSource is the core database where employee information is stored. This is the admin tool used by the HR staff to keep employee records up-to-date, to analyze data, and to generate reports.

HRnetSource is the HRIS suite, an umbrella name that includes the core database HRSource, plus other add-ons such as SelfSource for employee/manager self-service and the Online Employment Application module.

2. How do I know that HRnetSource HRIS is a good fit for my needs?

HRnetSource HRIS is a good fit if your organization:

  • has less than 2000 employees
  • needs an open HR system that can talk to other systems already in place in the organization
  • needs flexibility to customize the system due to specific industry or company needs (and customization is not just for adding fields or customizing reports, but really changing the system to support your companies’ established processes.)
  • wants full functionality built-in, including items like:
    • Applicant Tracking and Affirmative Action Plan and EEO reports
    • Position Control
    • Document Management
    • Point-in-Time Reporting
    • Checklists
    • Auto Alerts

In summary, HRnetSource HRIS is a good fit if you want a system that is open, flexible, easy to use, and affordable.

3. What can HRnetSource do that a SaaS solution can’t?

An analyst once compared a SaaS solution to an apartment building, where people rent units to live in. A SaaS HRIS user is renting a unit: you store your employee data in one of the units, you pay monthly or annual storage fees, and you cannot change walls, or add windows to your unit. You don’t have to worry about maintenance and updates, the building managers take care of that and that has been factored in your monthly rent. Note that you still have to do your own “move-in” (load your employee data) and day-to-day clean-up, especially of the bathroom and kitchen (maintain the accuracy of your data).

With HRnetSource, you own your own data. You have full control and can take advantage of the system's flexibility. You can customize the database structure to fit your needs. You purchase a license to use the system for as long as it meets your needs (that can mean years!). And once your license has been fully paid, you don’t pay anything more. You are not a renter. You are an owner.

4. Can I make monthly payments like a SaaS solution?

Yes, the licensing fee can be structured into monthly payments.

5. My budget is limited. Can I start with the core HRIS, then add more later?

Yes, HRnetSource is scalable. You start with the HRSource core database and can choose to stop there. Or, as your needs grow and change, you can bring in the other add-ons such as SelfSource for employee/manager self-service and the Online Employment Application module.