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Online Leave Request and Approval (Free with SelfSource™)

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This module will save your employees, managers and HR staff time by streamlining the employee leave request and approval process.

Employees Request Leave online:

  • When an employee wants to request leave, they go into the SelfSource™ Employee Leave page where they can view their leave balance before completing a leave request form.  When completed, the employee submits the Leave Request form for approval.

  • Employees can enter both actual leave taken and future planned leave.

  • The HRSource user defines which leave type codes employees can choose. 

  • Employees can delete a future leave request or a past leave request that has not yet been approved.  Once the leave is approved and the leave date has passed, only HR can delete it.

Managers respond to Leave Requests online:

  • When an employee submits a Leave Request form, that employee’s manager will receive an email informing him/her of the request.

  • The link to the Manager Leave Approval form appears on the manager's home page.  The form will display the leave requests of all that manager's employees.  Managers can click on the employee name to view the employee’s current leave balance and detailed leave information.   The manager can approve or disapprove the leave request and add comments. 

  • The Manager Leave Approval form can be sorted by employee name, leave request date, approval status, or by any other field on the form.

HR’s role:
  • Approved leaves will be imported into HRSource™ and the employee leave balance will be automatically adjusted.  The new leave balance will then be updated in SelfSource™.

  • The System Administrator (and Payroll) can view the leave data of all employees through a special logon page.


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