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                                                  HRIS for Small to Mid-size Companies

Why should I use HRnetSource?


Any organization that has at least 20 employees can benefit from using HRnetSource™ HRIS. Aside from improving overall productivity and efficiency, below are specific examples of why HRnetSource™ HRIS is the tool of choice among small and mid-size organizations.


HRnetSource™ has helpful, practical and effective tools such as:

  1. Salary Planning Tool to help managers ensure pay equity in their organization and staying within budget
  2. Performance Management process to ensure that the best performers are being recognized and rewarded, which fosters loyalty in the organization
  3. Turnover report, headcount, hiring and termination data (by department) to help management take timely corrective action as needed
  4. Total Compensation / Employee Benefits Statement which displays all benefits and related costs and helps employees realize the full value of the benefits that they are receiving


HRnetSource™ saves you time and money. Here are some examples:

  1. Avoid overpaying for benefits by using the monthly benefits billing report in HRSource™. This allows you to easily reconcile the monthly benefits bills that are received from insurance providers.
  2. By consistently tracking Leave Activity (Sick, Vacation, Paid-Time-Off), the organization can accurately account for accrual liabilities, as well as manage attendance, productivity and employee morale (no unrecorded days off, no using unearned time off!)
  3. With HRSource™, you can quickly complete and submit necessary government forms and avoid costly penalties.
  4. Cost-per-Hire data helps the organization manage recruiting costs.


HRnetSource™ is designed specifically for small to mid-size organizations with limited budgets yet deserve excellent products and services.

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